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Dr. Clean Paws. Raccoon surgeon washing up before Giblectomy surgery.


Raccoon surgeon wearing scrubs washing up before surgery, washing his hands. A chicken lays on the operating table with a ventilator in the background.  


This is Kip the Raccoon's childhood friend.


Funny gift for Raccoon enthusiasts and caregivers.

Great home healthcare office decor. 


Both archival paper prints and stretched canvas prints are hand signed by Travis Chapman. 


Stretched canvas print has reinforcement bars with high quality hardware and wire for the perfect ready to hang gift or decor. 

Dr. Clean Paws. Surgeon raccoon washing paws before surgery.

  • All print sizes indicate the size of the image. The image has a 1 inch white border around the outer edge.  I.e., if you order an 8"x10" print then the actual paper size  is 10 inches by 12 inches.  Borders help protect the art work and they make it easier to place a print behind matting.

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